Blogember – Day 5


November 5: Share a favorite recipe (can be yours or someone else’s just make sure to give credit)

In my relationship, Travis is the cook. I can actually follow a recipe pretty well, but, Travis can take nearly anything and make it into a delicious meal. So, unfortunately, I am not great at feeding myself when I’m home alone. Mostly because I don’t actually really enjoy cooking – I much prefer eating.

That said, the following recipe is very special to me. I met my friend Marisa when I was in high school. One of the first times I came to visit her at her dad’s house, he made us Chicken Paprikas. It was easily the most amazing thing I’d ever eaten. He would make it for me each time I came over because he knew how much I loved it, and before he died, he made sure to write it down for me so that I could make it on my own at home.

I’ve made this recipe many times since receiving it, and while it is indeed still delicious, it never tastes exactly the same as the way Mr. Dominello made it. So, I give you, Mr. Dominello’s Chicken Paprikas.

1 cut up chicken (or four whole legs)
4 tbs. vegetable oil
1cup onion (1 med. brown) finely chopped
2 cloves garlic finley chopped
small 8oz sour cream
2 cans chicken broth, divided. 2 cups will be used for rice.
1 tbs paprika (Pride of Szeged sweet paprika)
salt and pepper
optional: add chipped green pepper
Brown chicken and remove
Saute onion and garlic
add paprika (off heat)
add chicken to onion mixture
add broth
cook covered for 30-40 mins till chicken is cooked throughly
remove chicken
add tbs. of flour and sour cream – blend
cook down a little
add chicken again
cover 15 mins.
Uncle Ben’s
Brown rice in 2 tbs oil and chicken broth
2 cups broth/ 1 cup rice
Cover at low heat 20 mins until done

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