Blogember – Day 10


November 10: A time when you felt unstoppable

I think one of the moments I felt unstoppable would be the year I ended up qualifying for the World Championships of Irish dance.

2001 I spent the entire year busting my ass, going to Irish dance classes 4 nights a week. I was taking ballet, pointe, tap, and jazz at City College, and was doing 2 nights a week of pilates.

The day before I danced at regionals, I spent the night on the floor of another dance family’s hotel room.  I was so nervous, and ended up dancing my first two rounds with the girl who won first place every year. Thankfully that only made me angry and pushed me to dance my hardest.

I couldn’t believe when awards were announced and I was in the top 5. Then when I wasn’t 5th I about died. Winning 4th place (after two years in a row of 10th) made me happier than ever.


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