Blogember – Day 23


Oh hai again – look what happens when life gets busy! 

Thinking about my reverse bucket list for today’s entry was actually a really incredible experience. Writing out a reverse bucket list is a great exercise in gratitude. Thinking about some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish in my life so far gives such a better perspective instead of focusing on all the things I HAVEN’T accomplished. 

1. Placed 4th in Western US Regional Oireachtas – thus qualifying for the World Championships of Irish dancing. 

2. Dancing on stage at the World Championships. 

3. Visiting Ireland and England and getting to see my grandparents’ childhood homes.

4. Meeting my Irish and English family members. 

5. Visiting Paris and touring the sewers. 

6. Completing a full marathon. 

7. Completing 4 half marathons. 

8. Exceeding my fundraising goals both seasons I trained with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Helping to save lives not someday, but today. 

9. Seeing Hanson live over 20 times all over California. 

10. Graduating from high school at the Hollywood Bowl – standing on the stage there and realizing I was a part of history. 


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